CANlab Github Repository: Our main fMRI analysis tools (Matlab)
    SPM: fMRI analysis tool for Statistical Paramatric Mapping
    Principles of fMRI: Coursera videos taught by Tor Wager (my PhD advisor) and Martin Lindquist
    Mumford brain stats: Jeanette Mumford's awesome video tutorials and lessons about different neuroimaging data analysis strategies
    Neurosynth: Large-scale, automated meta-analysis tool for fMRI
    Neurovault: A repository of brain activation maps
    Neurohackweek 2016 videos

    Neuroimaging data-sharing platforms

    INDI: International Data-sharing Initiative
    NITRC: Neuroimaging Informatics Tools and Resources Clearinghouse
    LONI IDA: Laboratory of Neuro Imaging Image & Data Archive
    COINS: Collaborative Informatics and Neuroimaging Suite
    NA-MIC: National Alliance for Medical Image Computing

    Publicly available neuroimaging data

    ABIDE: Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (Autism; rs-fMRI)
    ADHD-200: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-200 (ADHD; rs-fMRI)
    ADNI: Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (Alzheimer’s; Multimodal including sMRI, fMRI, PET)
    AIBL: Australian Imaging, Biomarkers & Lifestyle Flagship Study of Aging (Alzheimer’s; Multimodal including sMRI, PET)
    OASIS: Open Access Series of Imaging Studies (Alzheimer’s; sMRI)
    iSPOT-D: international Study to Predict Optimized Treatment for Depression (Depression; Multimodal including EEG, dMRI, fMRI, sMRI)
    MCIC: MIND Clinical Imaging Consortium (Schizophrenia; Multimodal including dMRI, fMRI, sMRI)
    COBRE: Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (Schizophrenia; sMRI, rs-fMRI)
    fBIRN: function Biomedical Informatics Research Network (Schizophrenia; fMRI, sMRI)
    PPMI: Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (Parkinson’s; Multimodal, including dMRI, fMRI, sMRI, PET)
    PAIN: Pain and Interoception Imaging Network (Pain; Multimodal, including dMRI, fMRI, sMRI)
    OpenPain: (Pain; fMRI)

    Note: dMRI, fMRI and sMRI refer to diffusion-weighted, functional and structural MRI, respectively; rs-fMRI refers to resting-state fMRI.

    Data analysis

    The Elements of Statistical Learning (Hastie, Tibshirani, Friedman, 2009): Good textbook for statistical/machine learning
    Video lectures for Statistical Learning (youtube) (by Hastie and Tibshirani)
    Video lectures for Linear Algebra (youtube) taught by Prof. Gilbert Strang
    Machine learning with Matlab: free ebook (it's more like a brochure, though).
    Scikit-learn: Machine Learning in Python
    Kaggle: A great platform for machine learning and prediction
    Webweb: A good Network visualization tool

    Podcast etc.

    Brain Matters: This podcast is so much fun. This podcast provides interesting interviews with real neuroscientists.
    Talking Machines: Podcast about machine learning
    Invisibilia: NPR podcast about invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.
    Note to self: This podcast is about humanity in digital age.
    Radiolab: Interesting stories about science, philosophy, and human experience.
    Nature: Nature podcast that features highlighted content from the week's edition of Nature.
    Allen Institute (youtube): Videos from Allen Institute
    Acapella Science (youtube): Tim Blais's awesome music & science!
    Affinity Designer (youtube): Video tutorials for a cool image tool
    PBS Spacetime (youtube): Very cool videos about spacetime physics