July 2019

Jiwon Jeon, Mijin Kim, Suhye Kim successfully completed CNIR/GBME summer internship program at the cocoanlab.

They worked on the “cognitive map” project. The activity they did: Literature review (they are now cognitive map experts!), code implementation (see hex_glm1.m and hex_glm2.m), and fMRI data analysis using the code. I enjoyed the last four weeks with them. Jiwon and Suhye decided to spend one more month in our lab.

June 2019

Soo Ahn successfully completed her first experiment on Pleasure and Pain.

Soo Ahn finished her last scan after 15 months she started the project. We asked about her feelings. Sungwoo will start his experiment soon, which will be one-year long experiment. We asked for a word from him.

Suhwan and Lada successfully presented their beautiful work at the OHBM meeting

Suhwan gave a poster presentation on “Understanding the neural mechanisms of temporal dynamics of integrating prediction into pain perception”, and Lada gave a poster presentation on “Interpreting machine learning models in neuroimaging: a unified framework.” We look forward to posting our work on a preprint server soon. Stay tuned!

April 2019

Wani’s paper, “Cognitive self-regulation influences pain-related physiology,” has been accepted to PAIN and chosen as an Editor’s Choice article

In the paper, we developed physiological markers for pain and found that cognitive self-regulation of pain operates on the level of autonomic nervous system, producing physiologically meaningful changes. This work is done in collaboration with Gordon, a postbac RA in Tor’s lab, and under a supervision of Tor. Below, you can find a video abstract. You can see the most recent version of the paper (for free) here, and an old twitter thread where I provided a high-level summary of the paper. Data and code is available here.

Yongwook’s paper, “False-positive neuroimaging: Undisclosed flexibility in testing spatial hypotheses allows presenting anything as a replicated finding”, has been accepted to NeuroImage

In the paper, we implemented a Bayes factor calculator for the Bayesian MANOVA using the BRMS package in R and made a website to provide a web-based service of the analysis. Check out the paper and code.

Cocoan’s Values

Mar 2019

Lab Photo for 2019

We will take a lab photo every year on the first day of lab meeting of the spring semester (in South Korea, the spring semester starts at March).



Mar 2019

National Research Foundation of Korea selected us to support our research for the next four years (2019-2022)

Our lab will be supported by the Basic Science Research Program for early career researchers through the National Research Foundation of Korea (한국연구재단) for the next four years. The research grant will support us to develop and validate fMRI-based pain biomarkers using 3T and 7T MRI and machine learning.

Feb 2019

A new paper on Neuroethics in South Korea has been published on Neuron

See the paper here

Jan 2019

Yongwook’s paper got 200 likes on twitter!

Wani posted a tweet on the paper (biorxiv preprint) two days ago, and it got 200 likes within two days. See the preprint here and the tweet

Yanghi Kim (undergrad RA) joined the Cocoan lab!

We will post her research interests and brief introduction here soon.